Essential Travel Accessories: What Do I Really Need?

When it comes to travel accessories, you can go big or you can go small. You can pack as much as you want to carry or you can pair it back to what you need. There are tons of different accessories and gadgets that are very useful that I won’t include on this list. But this list will cover all the essential travel accessories that you need to get started on your way!

essential travel accessories

Good Bags

For starters, you’ll need bags. If you don’t have a good bag you may even lose the other things you pack! In addition your your luggage (and I recommend hard shell luggage), you need your carry on. You should get a quality duffle or large backpack for the small stuff you’re keeping with you. This can be your weekend or overnight bag, or it can be your medium bag for long trips. 

Personally, I use a small duffle for this purpose. It fit’s all the essentials and a few emergency items if I lose the rest of my luggage.

The other bag that I recommend, is a folding backpack. They make lightweight backpacks that fold up to to be very small. My carrying onw of these bags, you’ve got options. You never know when you could use a little more storage space and utility.

Essential Travel Accessories: Comfort Gear

When you’re going to be stuck somewhere for a long period of time, you want to be comfortable. Whether its a train, a plane, a bus, or a car, you need to relax.

A good structured neck pillow will pay for itself in no time. The last thing you want to do when travelling is start your trip off with a sore neck!

The other things that can really pay off are ear plugs and an eye-mask. This might seem cliche but nothing beats it if you need to fit sleep time in and you’re out in public. 

Even better than ear plugs are noise cancelling headphones. These can be the difference between life and extreme annoyance on a long trip with loud kids (or friends!)

Essential Travel Accessories: Money And Document Holders

Tourist destinations attract all sorts of people. You’ve got tourists, the people that are trying to make money from them, and the people trying to take things from them. Crime is a real concern!

If you’re travelling, especially abroad, you have to make sure your ID and money are safe. There’s nothing worse than getting caught away from home without your documents.

A document holder that you can lock to your bag is essential for your passport! And you should always have a fake wallet and a way to hide money if you’re walking around.

Personally, I never keep all my money in one place. I keep cash hidden in a few places around my bag and body. That way if I get robbed or pickpocketed, I’m never totally out of luck!

Electronics Gear

Finally, you’re going to want some electronics gear. If you’ve got a phone, you need a charger. The best way to do this is to get a universal outlet converter. This way, the same charger can keep you full in almost every country around the globe!

Headphones are also a must! I mentioned noise-cancelling headphones above and I’ll mention them again here. Nothing beats being able to tune into your own world wherever you are for a moment of peace. But if you want to share that moment, a headphone splitter is also a great idea! This will let you share whatever you’re listening to with anyone you want!

Finally, a power bank can come in clutch! Phones never last as long as you want them to. And if you’re away from home, you might really need it just to get around. I recommend keeping two power banks. One for general use and one that you save for emergencies only!

There are a lot more travel accessories that will make your life a lot easier. I’m definitely not saying you shouldn’t look for them! (In fact, I’ll talk about them myself in other articles.) I just wanted to cover the basics here to let you build your bag off of!

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