7 Travel Accessories For Flying (Make Long Flights A Breez)

Nobody likes a long flight. They’re not comfortable and the seat space certainly isn’t getting any better. There are ways to make your experience better. Travel accessories for flying are some of those ways! There’s a lot of little tips and tools to elevate your experience while you’re thousands of feet up!

Sleep Travel Accessories For Flying 

People sleeping on a plane.

Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are hard to get right. You want as much cushion as you can get, but it needs to fit in a small space. So then how do you build the perfect cushion? With air! Inflatable cushions let you fill up a full sized pillow, then deflate it when it’s time to get going. 

The pillow that I recommend in particular is multi-function, too. It gives you a lot of options for sleeping or resting. A lot more options than you’d get with a traditional neck pillow!

Inflatable Travel Pillow – YIDAAN Inflatable Travel Pillow

Foot Hammock

Speaking of comfort and space, we’re a long way from the reclining seats of old. You don’t have much space, and you certainly don’t have a comfortable foot rest. So what’s the fix for this? A foot hammock! Foot hammocks are bulky and they fold right up. Plus, they’ll let you get a lot more comfortable. Foot hammocks give you a footrest that takes up very little space and is super easy to set up!

Foot Hammock – FAREECEEK Airplane Footrest

Eye Mask

They might dim the light on the plane, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be things shining in your eyes. When it’s dark outside and inside, all the screens can get blinding. That’s where the eye mask comes in. A nice padded eye mask will keep light from shining in your eyes, and it’ll cushion your face. We’re well past the old cardboard eye masks. Now you can get yourself some luxury and get yourself some sleep.

Eye Mask – MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

Electronics Travel Accessories For Flying 

Passengers using travel accessories for flying.


Noise-cancelling headphones used to be expensive and hard to find. If you didn’t have a $300 dollar pair of Bose headphones, you might as well not have them at all! All that is a thing of the past.

You can get reasonably priced, wireless, noise-cancelling headphones for as low as $60! At this point, there’s really no reason not to have a decent pair if you’re going to be traveling by plane, train, or automobile!

Noise Cancelling Headphones – COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Phone Stand Flap

This is a particularly neat little gadget that’s gaining popularity. And it’s super simple! It might be one of the most simple travel accessories for flying that you have! Phone stand flaps are a small foldable little stand that will let you prop your phone up for hand free use. If you’re watching a movie, TV, or even Youtube, you can sit back and relax. It’s also super cheap and lightweight, so it’s a no-brainer to pick it up and throw it in.

Phone Stand Flap – Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder

Kindle Paperwhite 

I know this might seem like I’m trying to shoehorn some big-ticket item into this list, but I really believe in this. I’m not going to tell you that you need an iPad or a Nintendo Switch to get by on a plane, because you really don’t. I do however want to highlight what I think is the best electronic device for long flights. And that’s the Kindle Paperwhite.

The Paperwhite has a lot of things going for it that make it the perfect plane companion. For starters, it’s not internet heavy. Once you download your books they’re on the device. You don’t need any sort of connection to read! The next thing is the battery life. Due to the way that the paperwhite renders the screen, it doesn’t take nearly as much battery to run. This also helps your eyes! It doesn’t feel like you’re looking at a screen, and because of that you avoid a lot of eye strain.

Finally, you should read more. I think darn near everyone wishes that they read more, but no one ever really does it. There’s no better reason to read than it being all you have on a multi-hour flight. It’s good for you!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Holding  Your Travel Supplies

Passenger with a bag for holding his travel accessories for flying.

Portable Safe

If you’re planning on sleeping on the plane, you might be skeptical about safety. If you’re not sitting with friends/family, you don’t know the person next to you! There’s no telling if someone’s going to mess with your stuff while you’re asleep. If you get a safe-bag, you never have to wonder! These lockable sacks can hook into your seat or even your leg and they’ll keep people out of your belongings.

Safe-Sack – LOCTOTE AntiTheft Sack

Foldable Stuff Tray

Finally on my list is this cool stuff tray. It’s marketed for kids but if you’re someone that likes to write or draw yourself it’ll be a handy thing to have! I myself like drawing and writing while I’m on the go, but there’s not a lot of space on those tray tables. 

This foldable stuff catching tray will give you your own little desk for everything. And nothing’s going to fall out if the ride gets a little bumpy! (Or if you just bump into things.)

Folding Tray – Ha&Da Foldable Kids and Adults Travel Tray

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