Hot New Travel Accessories: Where To Buy?

If you want to know where to buy travel accessories, you’re in luck. I’ll tell you precisely where to look to find the best deals and the best items! You can quality accessories in a lot of places, but some are better than others. There are some places you should always avoid.

Some various travel accessories.

Where To Buy Travel Accessories: Not At The Airport

For starters, don’t buy accessories at the airport. If you’ve made it to the airport without the thing you need, you’re already at a disadvantage. Everything at the airport is over-priced. Especially once you get past security. Terminals are a very controlled place. You don’t have much freedom on where to shop or what’s available. In fact, security makes you get rid of a lot of things. You can’t take large food or drink through, so they know they can gouge you on the other side!

The morale of this story here is to get to the airport prepared. The things they’ll have for sale aren’t often high quality, and you know you’re going to pay upwards of 5 times what the items worth. Get anything you need well before you arrive.

Online Shopping Is Your Best Bet

I don’t want to say that retail shopping is dead, but these days it’s absolutely not necessary. You can get everything you need online. Even groceries are moving online! 

No one is a stranger to online shopping any more. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and when you do it through trusted platforms like Amazon, it’s super safe!

Where To Buy Travel Accessories: Amazon

Amazon is a platform, not a supplier. So when you buy things from Amazon, you’re actually just buying things from a seller. Amazon provides a few very important services in this space.

The first is that they handle the money. You don’t want to just be throwing your credit card info all over the internet. By going through a trusted American company like Amazon, you only have to keep your info in one place. This reduces your risk of identity theft or other risks to almost zero.

Amazon Curated Reviews

The next thing that Amazon provides is the review platform. With all the different sellers (new ones sign up every day) it’s hard to tell who to trust. There are a lot of big companies like Nike or Sony on Amazon, but there are tens of thousands of small ones. This is where the reviews come in. By hosting these reviews and tallying them up into scores, it builds a trust rating for sellers and their products.

Since Amazon is a neutral party, you know they aren’t messing with reviews either. If you’re on some random site, they could be just making their reviews up. Amazon doesn’t allow that kind of thing and will take sellers down for faking them. If you do the research on a product, you can know for sure that it’ll turn out well. Which is a lot more than you can do in a physical store!

The last thing that Amazon provides that truly makes it shine is the shipping. For most products, Amazon stocks them in warehouses and they send them out themselves. Amazon is a well-oiled machine. They’re the best in the game at what they do. You’ll get packages faster than anybody else out there, plus you might even get them free! Everybody has Amazon Prime these days. If you don’t you can get a free trial from this site and once you start you won’t go back. Almost anything you want can be shipped right to you in as little as two days!

Physical Stores

I’ll come out and say it. Any physical store that specializes in travel accessories is probably overcharging. Stores cost money to run and so you’re paying for the store as much as you’re paying for the product! If you order from an online store (especially a giant like Amazon) they pass the savings onto you!

The only physical stores I would recommend for places to buy travel accessories are resale stores. Places like Ross get unsold merchandise from other stores at slashed prices. Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Burlington are other examples of this. You can get deals at stores like that, but the inventory is always changing. If you’re in the market for travel accessories, you’ve got to go online! (And to Amazon specifically!!)

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