UPSKY Travel Dog Bowl: Ultimate No-Spill Dog Bowl

Normally for my reviews I like to pick things that have a wide audience. So a travel dog bowl might be too narrow, but I just couldn’t resist. This no-spill travel water bowl is insane!

I’m an engineer by trade, and a traveler and dog lover by passion. So when I see good design and engineering, I’ve got a deep appreciation for it. This is simply fantastic design.

There are tons of no-spill water bowls out there. They’re basically all the same thing. It’s a bowl with wide rims that angle in. And while they’re effective, they’re nothing special. There are millions more out there that are just like it.

Innovative Travel Dog Bowl Design

It’s the innovative design of this bowl from UPSKY that really blows my mind. It’s the next level of water bowl design.

It took me a second to understand what exactly I was looking at when I first saw it, so I’ll explain. The way this works is it has two main pieces: the bowl and the float. The bowl is the same as any other dog bowl, but it’s got a small lip that curls in around the rim. The innovative piece is the float. It stays floating on top of the water in the bowl, but it’s got a hole in the middle. When the dog presses down on it, water flows up through the hole and your pet can drink the water that comes up.

No only does this keep water from pooling and spilling out the sides, it also keeps your dog’s face from getting wet. Normally, your pet would just stick their nose in the bowl. But without the standing water, they don’t have the opportunity.

This awesome dog bowl has a 4.4 star review out of 3600+ reviews. Reviewers simply love it! It’s not only great for travel but it’s great for fast drinking dogs all the time. For $16 this is a fantastic deal on a great product!

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Travel Accessories For Dogs: Essentials For Pet Travel

Everything’s better with a dog. They love life and they make yours better all the time! Why wouldn’t you want to take your furry best friend along with you when you’re travelling? Travel accessories for dogs are the difference between a furry disaster and a dream vacation!

That may not be the easiest thing. But with a few simple accessories your trip can get a lot easier! There are tons of useful things that you may not think about when planning to bring your dog with. Below, I’ve put together a list of essential travel accessories for dogs. Items perfect for taking your canine companion on the road!

Travel Accessories For Dogs: Car Care

Beautiful dog in the back of a car.

Car Harness

Seat Belts aren’t made for dogs. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options for keeping your dog safe in the car! Depending on the size of your pet, you’ve got different options. Giant dogs may not fit well into a harness, but medium and small ones can!

Getting your dog a harness that straps into the seat will give them all the benefits of a seat belt, but without the constriction. Plus, if you’ve already got a harness for walking, all you need to pick up is the seat leash!

Car Harness and Leash – SlowTon Dog Car Harness

Just The Car Leash –

Seat Cover

If your dog is bigger, you’ll need another solution for keeping them in the back. This is even more important for dogs that shed (of all sizes). A good seat cover will protect your seats and your dog. Seat covers that go from seat-head to seat-head will cover the back footwell and keep your dog from falling or getting stuck!

Car Seat Cover – URPOWER 100% Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

Travel Accessories For Dogs: Food And Water

Travel accessories for dogs coming in handy.

Spill-Proof Bowl

Spill proof dog bowls can be a lifesaver if your dog needs water on the road. These bowls will let your dog get a drink without spilling it everywhere. You can keep your canine hydrated without all the worry!

Spill Proof Water Bowl – UPSKY Dog Bowl Dog Water Bowl

(The design on this thing is incredible! You’ve got to check it out!)

No-spill bowls are good for food too! If your dog has a special diet or if you’re on a long trip, this will let you keep up on feedings without slowing down.

Simple Spill Proof Bowls – Petmate No Spill Bowl

This can also help with calming your dog on long trips. There are calming foods and treats that you can find that will give your pup some calming herbs.

Calming Treats – PREMIUM CARE Calming Treats for Dogs

Travel Accessories For Cleaning Dogs: Wash Your Paws!

A dirty pup in need for travel accessories for dogs.

Paw Washer

Paw washers are a fantastic advance in keeping not only your dog but your car clean as well. You wouldn’t walk around outside barefoot. The ground is a dirty and gross place. Dogs don’t have shoes. Their little paws are getting filthy every day. 

This is especially true if  you’re taking your dog with you on a trip! paw plungers are a fast easy way to clean your dog’s paws in a flash. Your pet probably doesn’t like getting it’s paws cleaned. This system makes it fast and easy so they don’t mind!

Paw Washer – Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

Portable Bath

Speaking of dirty dogs, what do you do with the rest of your pet? If you’re going to the beach or nature or even to the park, your dog might find a way to get dirty. But you might not have a tub or time to give your dog a full bath all the time.

That’s where portable dog washers come in. These handheld dog washers work a lot like carpet cleaners and they’ll make a tough job much easier!

Dog Cleaner – Bissell Barkbath Dual Use Portable Dog Bath

Pet First Aid Kit

The last of the travel accessories for dogs that you don’t want to be caught without is a first aid kit. If all goes well, you won’t need one. But if something happens to your furry best friends, you don’t want to be caught without one. Pet first aid kits are a little different from normal ones. They’re designed with your canine in mind. Of course, they’re no substitute for a vet if you think there’s really a problem. But they may very well bridge the gap and keep your beloved pup safe while you’re rushing them to help in an unfamiliar place.

Pet First Aid Kit – Rayco Pet First Aid Kit

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