AmazonBasics Organizer Travel Cubes: Gear Review

AmazonBasics Organizer Travel Cubes

Suitcases are big. They’re supposed to be! You need enough space for all of your things. But a problem forms. (Especially after a couple days away.) Your suitcase becomes a vast ocean of stuff. It all flows together and you can’t find up from down. How are you supposed to organize things when it’s just one giant pocket?

Organizer Cubes, specifically AmazonBasics Organizer Cubes.

How Can  AmazonBasics Organizer Cubes Help?

For starters, what are they? Organizer cubes are a growing trend in travel and packing, and they’re a game changer. Organizer cubes are bags within bags. They come in various sizes and you stack them up in your large bag. These smaller bags let you divide up all your clothes and gear however you like. You’ll find everything just where you left it, even after a 15-hour flight! 

Now once you decide that you need some travel cubes, you’ve got a lot of options. They come in all different shapes and sizes. (And prices!) Why not trust the company that you trust with everything else? Amazon! AmazonBasics is a great new direction that they’re moving in. They put out a quality but low-priced baseline of items all across the board. From HDMI cables to travel cubes, AmazonBasics has you covered! This 4-piece travel cube set will get you started on your road to organization, for just $23. The different sizes will let you prioritize and make your own calls about what goes where. The large mesh side will let you see what’s inside without having to check. Each of the individual bags come with their own handles. Meaning, you can also carry them each individually!

Out of almost 7000 reviews, these travel cubes earned a 4.7 star rating. Reviewers agree, this is a fantastic set to turn your messy suitcase into a well oiled machine!

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COWIN E7 Noise Cancelling Headphones: Gear Review

It used to be that if you wanted active noise-cancelling headphones, you had to shell out the big bucks. Getting started took 2 or 3 hundred dollars! Those days are over. The  COWIN E7 Noise Cancelling Headphones bring noise-cancelling technology to everyone. At just $60, you don’t have to break the bank to avoid breaking your ears.

Yup, you heard that right. Just $60! The next noise cancelling headphones on the list get up to 4 or 5 times that! But don’t think that these headphones sacrifice quality. 

The COWIN E7 Noise Cancelling Headphones Function

Two main functions define these headphones. The first is to deliver your sound to you. Whether it’s music, movies, or games, these headphones bring quality. They use bass-boosting to make sure that they hit the deep lows and everything else!

Plus they last 30 hours on a single charge! That’s a long time for such a powerhouse of a speaker.

Noise cancellation is their other main function This is more than just muffling the sound physically. These active noise-cancelling headphones use sound wave technology to stop outside noise. Background noise in a plane or office is a thing of the past. They don’t completely cover louder things like lawnmowers, but they take all of the edge off.

Reviewers love these headphone! As they should be for a $60 pair of active noise-cancelling headphones. They’ve got a 4.4 star rating out of an astronomical 47 THOUSAND reviews! People of all ages and backgrounds love these headphones. One young reviewer loves using them while he works on his car detailing business. Another 69 year old reviewer was just looking for a quality pair of headphones, and that’s exactly what he found!

For a ridiculously low price, you can get a great pair of headphones with active noise-cancellation. You’ll love these headphones too!

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AmazonBasics Slim Travel Backpack: Gear Review

AmazonBasics Slim Travel Backpack

When you’re traveling, you need a good backpack. It can be your carry-on or even your personal bag. Plus it’ll be your day bag once you get to your destination! But there are a lot of backpacks out there in a lot of shapes and sizes. How do you choose which one is the best for you?

I’d say you start with a good brand. AmazonBasics is perfect because it’s got all the trustworthy power of Amazon. But, it’s also got the cost-effectiveness that Amazon is known for. This is a budget bag, but it’s got the quality of a name-brand.

The Features Of The AmazonBasics Slim Travel Backpack 

For starters, we’ll look at the design. This is a slim backpack and it’s designed to be. It hugs your body and doesn’t stick out into the way of other people. Keeping things close to you is especially important in places like foreign cities and streets. But the slimness doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have all the space that you need. It’s got a dedicated pocket for keeping your laptop safe. The padding that’s on the back and straps protects you and your computer.

The outside pockets have numerous mesh zipper pockets. This will give you the ability to organize all your things and access them quickly. Plus the extra layer of zippers will help deter anyone else trying to get inside. The zippers come together with a clasp that lets you use your own travel locks to secure it. And it’s got compression straps on the sides for easy access and travel. You can even strap it up like a messenger bag!

This bag gets great reviews, because it’s got everything you need. Owners love that it straps so easily to your rolling luggage. Plus they love the amount of space and quality for the bargain of a price! At just over $60, you can’t beat this quality!

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Scrubba Portable Wash Bag: Travel Gear Review

You can’t take a washing machine with you. But you might need one. Accidents happen while you’re out and about. Washing your things might be especially important if you’ve only got limited clothes. Your hotel or your AirBnB might have laundry, but do you want to trust strange washers? What if they don’t? Or what if you’re out in nature and you don’t have access to that kind of thing?

Fear not, there is a solution. That solution is called the Scrubba Portable Wash Bag. 

Click here to get the Regular Size on Amazon!

(Also Available in Mini Size!)

The Scrubba Portable Washing Bag

So what is it? It’s a portable washing machine! It’s a waterproof bag that folds down very small. The regular size is compact, but the mini is even smaller! It’ll fold down to the size of your palm! 

So after you fill up your wash bag with water, you just add a little soap for cleaning. Next you squish out the air and seal it up so you’ve got a little bag of liquid and clothes. The inside of the washbag has a specially designed washboard, for deep cleaning. Once you’ve got it ready to go you just knead your clothes in the bag. After just a couple minutes they’ll be washing machine clean!

The Scrubba portable wash bag is an absolute must-have for long term camping, but it’s even great anywhere else! Get the mini size and toss it in your travel bag. If you need an extra pair of socks or underwear, just scrub and go. Leave your things to dry overnight and you’re in good shape!

But you don’t have to take my word for it, the bags have 4.4 and 4.5 stars out of over a thousand Amazon reviews! Reviewers say that their clothes come out cleaner than a machine! Not to mention that it’s easy to use, and unbeatably convenient!

Click here to get the Regular Size on Amazon!

(Also Available in Mini Size!)

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Ten Travel Tips For Europe Adventures

Europe has quite the reputation, and for good reason. It’s got thousands of years of history, attractions, and things to do and see! But if you’re an American going to Europe for your first time, there are some things to keep in mind. These travel tips for Europe will let you skip the rookie step and hop right into being a pro traveler.

A beautiful European vista one could see when making use of  Travel Tips For Europe.

1. Cabs Aren’t Worth It

Most major European cities have robust public transit. Buses, trains, trolleys, and even boats can take you anywhere you need. Cabs might seem more convenient, but they’re a huge money sink. Multiple cab rides will add up very quickly!

2. Get Your VAT Refund

This isn’t something that we have to think about in the states, but European countries have a “Value-Added Tax”. Since we aren’t members of the EU, we aren’t required to pay it. But they’ve still got to take it when you buy things. So if you keep your receipts, you can be issued a refund for all of the VAT that you paid during your trip.

3. Get Good Shoes

If you’re going to Europe, you’re probably going to be walking a lot. So it pays to get a good pair of shoes. If you’re trying to hike around in flats, dress shoes, or heels, your feet are going to be screaming at you! And if that happens early in the trip, it’ll affect the rest of your time abroad.

4. Buy Tickets Early

This is true for all kinds of travel, but it’s one of the especially good travel tips for Europe. Book your plane, your hotels, your activities, everything in advance! You’ll probably get discounted rates on everything if you do. But even more than that, things might sell out if you wait too long!

5. Travel By Train

Europe isn’t actually that big of a place. If you want to see multiple countries, you don’t have to fly! Save money and hassle by taking the train. Europe has an excellent system of trains between countries, make use of it!

One of the most iconic landmarks a person might see while making use of Travel Tips For Europe.

6. Know Your Currency

Euros are an international currency, but they’re not a blanket solution. Every country you go to will probably have some currency that you should be aware of. When my wife and I went to Ireland we actually ended up in Northern Ireland without realizing it. We were lucky that our lunch spot would trade us Pounds for some Euros or we might have been out of luck!

7. Spend Your Coins

Still on the topic of currency, spend your coins! European countries have $1 and $2 coins that you’ll get a lot of in change. If you don’t use them as you get them, you’ll jingle like a leprechaun by the end of your trip!

8. Carry Your Passport

Always keep your passport with you and somewhere safe. If you’re from out of the country, it’s your most important possession. Getting caught without it could put you in a crazy international limbo. And nobody wants that!

9. Register With The State Department

For the same reason, register your trip’s dates and destinations with the state department. They’re your friend! It’s simple and easy to do and it ensures that if things go south on a global scale, they’ll have your back. This is especially important if you’re traveling alone. If you go missing, they’ll come looking for you!

10. Learn Some Local Language

So many people go to foreign countries these days without bothering to learn any of their language. It’s important for a few reasons. For starters, it’s a great intro to the culture. If you get good, it’ll actually help you communicate with people while you’re there. But even if you aren’t any good, people will appreciate that you’re trying, and they’ll be a lot nicer to you!

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AmazonBasics Carry-On HardSide: Travel Gear Review

AmazonBasics Carry-On HardSide in its natural habitat.

The time for soft luggage is over. Anything that you put in a backpack or duffle and trust to the TSA is gone. You can kiss anything breakable goodbye when you check it. That is, unless you’ve got hard-side luggage. Hard-side luggage is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a hard armored shell that’ll keep all of your belongings safe and sound. Even when it’s going through an airport. So if all your luggage is soft, what do you do? You might not be able to replace all your gear at once. Start with the carry-on.

The AmazonBasics Hard-Side Carry-On is the best foot in the door into hard luggage. At just $55, it’s as affordable as it gets. You can’t beat this deal for this level of quality from a trusted company. It’s Amazon, you know you can count on them. And you can count on them delivering it fast and cheap! 

The AmazonBasics Carry-On HardSide Features

You’ve got options with this bag. It’s got 4 spinner wheels and a collapsible handle that you can pull out of the top. It’s also got a handle on the top and side, so you can carry it any way you like. The inside has one deep well with a clasping strap to secure folded clothes, shoes, or anything else! The other side zips up completely to enclose whatever you put inside. (Plus it’s got a mesh pocket on the zip-lid!) The bag also expands out an additional 15% with another zipper around the whole bag. This gives you the freedom to pack how you want!

But don’t take my word for it. It’s got 4.6 stars on Amazon out of over 16 THOUSAND reviews! This compact but roomy bag has no trouble fitting in the carry on checker at the airport! Many flight attendants even report this being the perfect flight bag. It doesn’t add any weight and it’s super easy to use. For just $55 it’s a huge value at a bargain of a price!

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Travel Gear List: Must-Haves When Leaving Home

When you leave on a trip you never know what you could run into. For this reason, it pays to be prepared. Now you can’t prepare for every situation imaginable, your backpack would be enormous! But you can bring the right travel gear for the likely ones, and you can try to cover your bases.

Some travel gear layed out on a map.

Below I’ve assembled a list of the must have travel gear you should keep with you for all occasions. If you’ve got all this, you’re ready for anything that comes your way.

A Good Multi-Purpose Day Pack – AmazonBasics Slim Carry On Travel Backpack

AmazonBasics Slim Carry On Travel Backpack

For starters, you’ll need something reliable to carry it all in. A good daypack will be good for a lot of purposes. It can serve as your carry on, your personal item, your day bag, or even your suitcase! There is of course an important decision to be made about size. Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes. I recommend a good midsize, like my example here.

Nail Clippers – SZQHT Ultra Wide Jaw Opening Nail Clippers

SZQHT Ultra Wide Jaw Opening Nail Clippers

I would recommend a multi-tool, but the TSA frowns on those. Multi-tools are massively useful, but hard to travel with. It’s true that multi-tools without blades are TSA-compliant. But, they don’t always follow their own rules. And you can bet anything that if you try to argue, they’re going to search you for anything else. And they search everywhere. For this reason, nail clippers are a good solution. They’re good for cutting a lot of things and can be handy for a lot of things. 

Travel First Aid Kit – General Medi Mini First Aid Kit

General Medi Mini First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is always a good thing to have. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It just needs to be enough to patch yourself up in case of small accidents. If anything serious happens, there are always doctors. Just make sure there aren’t scissors in it as the TSA gets a little testy about those, too. 

Water Bottle – HYDAWAY Hydration Travel Pack | 25 oz

HYDAWAY Hydration Travel Pack | 25 oz

Having your own water bottle is always nice. You won’t be able to take it on the plane full but you can fill it up after the security checkpoint. When you’re travelling about, especially outdoors, you don’t always know when the next convenient drink will come around. Having your own water bottle will let you fill up and take your hydration into your own hands.

Travel Towel – Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

Travel towels are compact and they come in clutch. You never plan on needing an emergency towel. But it’s for precisely that reason that they’re so useful. They fold up small and are super handy. Plus, in a pinch, they can double as a soft place to put your head on a plane!

Compact Travel Blanket – Comfort Plus 3-in-1 Premium Travel Blanket

Comfort Plus 3-in-1 Premium Travel Blanket

You’ll also want a travel blanket. Some of them fold up to be very small! They’re always useful for a little warmth or a slice of home on a cold plane, train, or bus. By keeping this with you, you ensure that you’ll always be able to get comfy!

Universal Charger – Unidapt Universal Charger Power Adapter

Unidapt Universal Charger Power Adapter

This is a lifesaver for traveling abroad. You want to have a charger for your phone, it might as well be universal. A universal plug will let you charge anything using any outlet. This is one that people often forget about until it’s too late!

Power Bank – Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

A power bank will also help you stretch your devices! It’ll give you a backup supply of power for when you really need it. I actually recommend having two power banks. You can use one all the time, and save the other for emergencies, so you’ve always got a plan!

Pocket Notebook – Five Star Fat Lil’ Pocket Personal Notebook

Five Star Fat Lil' Pocket Personal Notebook

I’m still a big believer in pen and paper. I think there’s value to writing things down and I think it’s a lot easier than phone notes. Not to mention it’s classier than phone notes and you can rip off and use pieces of paper. You should definitely pick up a little notebook and pen for your travels.

Compact Umbrella – SY COMPACT Travel Umbrella

SY COMPACT Travel Umbrella

Finally on my list of must-have travel gear, always plan for a rainy day. A compact umbrella is a great low-weight low-space way to do that! It’s a little easier than carrying around a bulky jacket or a poncho and it’s super easy to use and put away!

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Travel Accessories For Hiding Money (And Some Tricks!)

When you’re traveling you won’t be familiar with your surroundings. You may be in a strange, or even foreign place. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that people don’t always have the best intentions. If you’re a clueless tourist there are many that might see you and want to take advantage. The least confrontational of these criminals is the pick-pocket. They look like anyone else on the street and can come from anywhere. If they’re any good you won’t even know you’ve been picked until they’re far away. You don’t want to find yourself stranded money-less in a foreign place. The travel accessories for hiding money on this list are your best bet for avoiding that!

Money-Pocket Belts

The first money-hiding spot on this list is the money belt. There are quite a few belts out there that are canvas or some other material, and they hide an inner pocket. This pocket is big enough for some cards and some money and it’ll keep them close at hand. While it’s possible that a very skilled pickpocket could still get it, that’s very unlikely.

Even more than that, no one is going to expect you to have a secret money belt. Any pickpocket is just looking for a quick wallet grab or maybe even your watch. But they’re not going to be on the lookout for a money belt.

Here’s an example of a money-belt.

Hidden-Pocket Infinity Scarves

Money hiding belts are useful, but they’re not the most stylish travel accessories to hide money. If you’re looking for a stylish way to hide things, you need an infinity scarf. This is a relatively new invention but a much needed one. And it works a lot like a money-hiding belt. It’s just a stylish infinity scarf, but with a secret pocket. This pocket is even easier to access than the belt because it’s hanging around your neck.

This is basically as useful as a fanny pack. And let’s not kid ourselves, fanny packs are incredibly useful. They’re just not that fashionable these days. The security infinity scarf gives you the perfect blend of form and function with very easy access.

Here’s an example of a security scarf.

Using Decoy Wallets

This is a trick that I always use when I travel to major cities or anywhere else with a high crime risk. Just pick up a couple cheap wallets from your local dollar store. Put a couple dollars and a spent gift card or two in it and carry it with you. I’ll usually put my real wallet somewhere safe like in a drawstring bag or in my inner jacket pocket. Then I’ll keep my decoy wallet in my side or back pocket.

This way, you’ll have an early warning system for if there’s a pickpocket risk. And it’ll keep your real stuff safe if something does happen. This is even useful for if you’re mugged as you can throw the fake wallet and get away!

Don’t Keep All Your Money In One Place!

This comes to another good rule of thumb when you’re traveling. Don’t keep all your money in one place. Whether it’s decoy wallets, a money belt, or even just spreading it out in your bag. Don’t put yourself in a situation where someone can get all of your money at once. By spreading it out, even if you get picked, you’ll still have some spread around.

If you have backups, you can’t get caught without money. As long as you’ve got some cash, you’ll be able to collect yourself. You can get to a phone or back to your hotel and you can figure out where to go from there. You especially shouldn’t keep your cash with anything you can’t live without like your passport. Money can be replaced, passports are a lot harder!

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Travel Gadgets List: Taking Your Trip A Level Up

They’re constantly coming out with new travel gadgets that improve travel experience all across the board. From the travel itself to the slow parts between, you can elevate your trip!

This list pulls together some of my favorite gadgets that have been getting popular. You might be able to travel without them, but what fun would that be?

Housekeeping Travel Gadgets

A spread of low-tech Travel Gadgets.

EPICKA Handheld Steamer for Clothes 

If you have to travel with dress clothes, I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to keep them sharp. Some hotels have irons and boards, but who knows how well they’ll work? More than that, you might not even have them all together! 

This mini-steamer will let you rest assured knowing that you can take care of your clothes. Regardless of where you are!

Brigii Mini Vacuum

In a similar fashion, you can’t bring your whole vacuum with you. And why would you want to? You’re not going to be vacuuming a floor when you’re away. But you might need to vacuum your desk, or your car, or even your shirt! This mini vacuum will let you do just that without having to worry about size.

AmazonBasics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set

These things are a game changer for sure when it comes to packing! Suitcases can quickly become vast oceans of your stuff. Travel storage cubes give you the perfect solution to this.

These cubes let you organize small bags inside of your bag. You can keep everything separate and where you left it!

Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

Washbags can be a very nice thing to have. If you’re going off the grid they’re pretty much a necessity! Washbags let you do a little laundry very easily with just a little water and soap. It’s easy to see why this is useful if you’re camping or on a safari, but it’s good to have everywhere!

Even in a hotel or a B&B you might need to do a little laundry. Spills and disasters happen. If something happens to your suitcase, this washbag might be the only thing that saves you from not having underwear!

Comfort Travel Gear

A comfortable place to make use of Travel Gadgets.

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles

Everybody’s circulation is different. Some people just never get cold. But many many more people get cold feet. When you feel like you’re going to start losing toes, nothing beats heated insoles to keep them toasty!

PARTU HEPA Air Purifier

There’s no telling what the air’s going to be like where you’re going. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit that just don’t have great air. Bringing your own mini air purifier let’s you avoid worrying about it! It’ll keep you breathing easy and can even help with snoring!

Mpow 45Hrs Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling technology hasn’t always been affordable. And if you want a really top-notch pair of headphones, it’ll still cost you. But that said, there are some budget options out there that are really learning to compete!

Top Tech Travel Gadgets

Some big-ticket Travel Gadgets.

BooTaa 4 Pack AA Batteries

I love rechargeable batteries. I think that being sustainable feels good, a lot better than throwing batteries away. Nowadays, they’re even easier to use than ever! My favorites are batteries that plug straight into a USB port, it just couldn’t get any easier!

Roku Streaming Stick+ 

These are great for home, but have you considered taking your Roku on the go? If you’re not familiar, Roku’s are a simple little stick that puts all of your streaming services in one simple place. If you take your stick with you, you can take all of your shows with you! Just plug in this simple device into any HDMI port and you’re good to go!

Kindle Paperwhite

Lot’s of big-ticket devices make your travel experience better. Laptops, iPads, game-devices, they’re all great for entertainment. But one device rises above for travel, and that’s the Kindle Paperwhite. The eInk technology reduces eye strain and makes your battery last longer. Combine that with enough storage for more books than you could read in a lifetime and you can’t beat this!

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Travel Accessories For Cars: Gifts And Must-Haves

Your next road trip could be a lot more comfortable than your last. How, you might ask? With the simple addition of a few travel accessories for cars, you can elevate your experience!

A road trip without Travel Accessories For Cars.

There are all sorts of gadgets out there to turn any car into the car of the future. Cars get messy (especially with kids) but there are a lot of ways to keep it clean and tidy. Finally, there will always be situations that you’d rather not find yourself in. Emergency gear and first aid supplies can be crucial if the worst happens.

Futuristic Travel Accessories For Cars

A futuristic looking car dashboard.

Radar Scanner

Let’s all be honest here. Speed limits aren’t designed to be reasonable (at least not highway ones). They’re designed to generate money from tickets. If you want to step out of that system, you do have options. The best option is getting yourself a Radar detector. With a radar detector you’ll have a much better idea of when to take it easy and when to let loose.

Car Radar Scanner – ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector


If you get into an accident, a dashcam may just be your best friend. This handy little camera will record the view out of your windshield all the time so you’ve got a record if you need it. This small purchase now could save you a lot if someone tries blaming you for something that wasn’t your fault!

Mounted Dashcam – APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P

Heads-Up Display

Heads-up displays (HUDs) are a growing new field of gadgets that bring your dashboard to your eye level. With a good HUD you won’t need to look down for directions or speed. You can keep your eyes on the road! It’ll help you reduce distraction and stress.

Heads-Up Display – Autopmall Heads up Display

Organization And Cleaning Accessories

Driver making use of Travel Accessories For Cars.

Seat Organizer

If you’ve got kids (or anyone else) in the back set for a long car ride, these are a must have. Seat organizers hang down and give the passenger tons of tidy storage for snacks, toys, electronics, you name it! And keeping these things in the organizer means keeping them off the floor, or anywhere else!

Car Seat Organizer – ULEEKA Car Backseat Organizer

Roof Cargo Carrier

If you’re trying to fit a lot of people, and their things, in a car, it might not be easy. Fortunately, if you’ve got a roof rack, you’ve got options! Roof cargo carriers let you expand your storage space without making it more cramped. They come in soft or hard shells, so you can find the one that fits your needs!

Soft Cargo Carrier – ToolGuards Car Top Carrier Roof Bag

Hard Cargo Carrier – Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

Car Vacuum

Messes happen. Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll build up some crumb over time. This is where a car-plug vacuum really shines. You can take it with you anywhere and always have a cleaning solution!

Car Vacuum – CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum

Comfort And Emergency Travel Accessories For Cars

Man and his dog camping in a car.

Backseat Air Bed

Sleeping in a car isn’t always ideal. But it can be a lot more comfortable! Backseat air beds are designed to take up the seat and the gap to give you one wide sleeping area. Just inflate and curl up! You’ll never be without a place to sleep again!

Car Air Mattress – HIRALIY Car Air Mattress

Picnic Blanket

Roll up picnic blankets are just a good thing to have in your car all the time. Most of them are designed with different sides. The top side is soft for sitting on but the bottom is more durable and water-resistant for the ground. 

Car Picnic Blanket – PortableAnd Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

First Aid Kit/Emergency Kit

You never want to be in a situation when you need these, but if you are it’ll pay for itself. If you’re going to be on the road, you really should be prepared for the worst!

Car First Aid Kit – Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit

Car Emergency Kit – Lifeline AAA Premium Road Kit

Ice Scraper

This one is more regional, but if you live in an area with ice and snow, I don’t need to tell you how important it is. Having an ice scraper could be the difference between actually using your car or having to wait half an hour for the windshield to thaw!

Car Ice Scraper – AstroAI Snow Brush

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