Travel Luggage: Best Bags For Staying On Top Of Things

If you’re getting on a plane (or going anywhere) choosing your travel luggage is one of the biggest choices to make. I think we’re past the age of soft luggage. When you go to the airport, your luggage will be abused. You can count on it. If there’s anything breakable in it, you can kiss it goodbye before you get on the plane. That is, unless you go with hard side luggage.

Hard side travel luggage is the most popular type of bag these days, and it’s for good reason. If your bag isn’t hard side, it may as well be a plastic bag! That’s why I didn’t bother including soft luggage in my lists. It’s not even worth using! 

I just wanted to put together a list of the best luggage you can get for any need. Whether you’re replacing one piece, or you’re buying a whole set, this list will get you ready for the air!

Hard Travel Luggage Sets

Full sets are the best deals you can get on luggage, and it’s what I recommend. Matching luggage is a great way to keep it together and organized. Plus, you’ll get deals for getting it all from the same place!

Coolife 3 Piece Set

The Coolife 3-Piece set is the perfect value set for someone looking to get started with hard luggage. The 3 pieces will cover all your bases and give you options based on what you want to take.

Coolife 4 Piece Set

The 4-Piece set is the next level up  from the previous set. This one will give you even more options, with the same great value.

Samsonite Omni 3 Piece Set

The Samsonite Omni is a quality set of luggage. It’s a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for. This is the powerhouse luggage that will carry you for years to come.

Hard Side Carry-On’s

Your carry-on is the most important piece of luggage that you’ve got. When I travel, I try to go without a checked bag unless I absolutely need it. The best way to make sure that your belongings stay in one piece is for them to never leave your side.

AmazonBasics 21″ Hard Side

The AmazonBasics Carry-On is the base level of the hard side bag, but don’t let that dissuade you. This is the perfect entry level bag if you’re just getting your first quality luggage. This is my personal overnight bag and I can attest to its quality!

Samsonite Omni 20″ Hard Side

The Samsonite Omni is the luxury model. A little more expensive and a lot more durable, this is the bag that will make it through anything.

American Tourister Moonlight 21″ Hard Side

If you’re looking for quality and a little more elegant style, this is the bag for you. It may be a tank of a hard side, but you won’t feel like you’re lugging it around!

Hard Side Checked Bags

You carry-on may be the most important piece of luggage that you have, but the checked bag isn’t far behind. If you’re checking a bag you’re trusting it to the airport. And if you’ve ever checked a bag, you probably know that the airport can’t be trusted.

If you’ve got a hard side bag, your things stand a much better chance of making it to the other side unharmed.

AmazonBasics 26″ Suitcase

Once again, AmazonBasics comes in as the perfect entry-level budget option. If you’re new to hard side luggage, this will absolutely get you up and running fast!

Samsonite Omni 28″  Suitcase

Samsonite is once-again the luxury option. This powerhouse luggage will take a hit and keep on rolling. Keeping all of your stuff safe and secure.

Coolife Luggage 28″

Coolife is the mid-range option. It’s a step above the AmazonBasics, but not quite as high-quality as some other options. That said, it’s a great brand that makes great products.

Travel Luggage Storage Cubes

You may be thinking what I was when you read that title. What are storage cubes? They’re the latest packing craze that people can’t live without. Storage cubes are a way to help you organize your bags that’s a total game changer. They’re basically bags for the inside of your bag to keep things separate. How many times have you been digging through your suitcase looking for something specific? Your last clean pair of underwear, your passport? With storage cubes you can keep everything where it’s supposed to be and it won’t get jumbled around.

They’re inexpensive and they can save you ages of time!

Bagail 6 Set Packing Cubes

This is a solid set of bags that will organize your stuff for a reasonable price. With these you’ll go from disorganized to packing pro in no time.

Shacke Pak – 5 Set Packing Cubes

This is the best beginner set of storage cubes. It’s only 5 of them, but that may be all you need. And for less that $15, it’s the perfect intro to the cubes!

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